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Inspire Media Network

The BIGG Challenge

Triangle area students were invited to dream up the most creative, bold and uncommon ways to enrich the lives of others. We call it The Big Ideas for the Greater Good (BIGG) Challenge.

Inspire Media will create professional videos of the 10 best ideas coming to life - the kind of videos that go viral. We will unveil them at the BIGG Premiere then share them via social and traditional media channels so they can INSPIRE others.

The BIGG Premiere
SUNDAY, AUGUST 3, 2014 AT 4:00PM

This will be the most inspiring night of the year!

Join hundreds of kids, families and celebrities for a first of its kind, Hollywood-style event. The kids will walk the red carpet, have their photos taken and be interviewed by the media.

It will be a night they will never forget.

During the BIGG Premiere, the videos will be shown for the first time and the kids will share their experiences.
There is no cost-just come and see what can happen when BIGG ideas are celebrated and shared.

Watch this video to learn more about the BIGG Student Challenge or look at these examples:

There are many opportunities to be a part of this BIGG event. Volunteers are needed to:

For more information please contact us at
[email protected]
or InspireMediaNetwork.org

Application for BIGG Grant

Please include as many details as possible.

Where will this be taking place?

Who will your BIGG benefit?

If you require funding, please provide the amount needed. No dollar sign is needed.

Please provide any additional resources you may require.