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BIGG is Back!

Experience the joy that comes from helping others.

The Challenge

We invite elementary, middle and high school students to dream up the most creative, bold and uncommon ways to enrich the lives of others. Then share your idea with us.

We'll pick several ideas and help make them a reality. If your BIGG is crazy enough to be selected, Inspire MEdia will create a professional video of your project as it comes to life. We'll invite you to the BIGG Premiere at historic Carolina Theatre. You'll walk the red carpet, and we'll show your video on the big screen.

Then we'll share it with the world so it can, in turn, inspire others.

How to Apply

  1. Watch videos from last year's BIGG Premiere to get your creativity going.
  2. Create a video - no more than 45 seconds - telling us about your BIGG.
  3. Fill out the BIGG Challenge application and attach your video.

Do it on your own, collaborate with a few friends or get your entire school involved.

What We Provide

What do you need to make your project amazing? A plane? A celebrity? Props? Access to specific locations? Contacts? Money? We'll jump through hoops to help you get the things you need to help others. But remember, the best ideas are usually very simple.


  1. Applications accepted through April 19th, 2015. Apply now.
  2. Finalists announced April 24th.
  3. Projects must be completed by August 3rd.
  4. BIGG Premiere August 29th!


Q: I'm not in the Triangle area. Can I still apply?
A: Yes. Although we're focusing on the Triangle, this year we are awarding grants to school BIGGs outside the area and across the US.
Q: What kind of video should I make for my application?
A: A short one! Shoot it w your cell phone or go nuts if you want.
Q: I'm not a student, but I ...
A: Sorry. This challenge is open to students K-12. Others can send details about your BIGG to [email protected].

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