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BIGG Challenge

Inspire MEdia wants to help students of all ages experience the joy that comes from helping others. So we are proud to announce the BIGG Challenge, a first of its kind effort to help make sure the most creative Big Ideas for the Greater Good (BIGG) not only happen but are also celebrated and shared.

The Challenge

We invite all Triangle� area elementary, middle and high school students to dream up the most creative, bold and uncommon ways to enrich the lives of others. Then share your idea with us.

We'll pick the 10 best and help make those ideas a reality. If your BIGG is crazy enough to be selected, Inspire MEdia will create a professional video of your project as it comes to life. We'll invite you to the BIGG Challenge screening party where we'll show your video and let you talk about the whole experience. Then we'll share it with the world via social and traditional media channels so it can, in turn, inspire others.

How to Apply

Use the BIGG Challenge application to tell us about your BIGG. Do it on your own, collaborate with a few friends or get your entire school involved. You might:

  • Invent a totally new and fun way to make total strangers smile!
  • Create the coolest anti�bullying video ever!
  • Come up with a unique and entertaining way to raise money or awareness for a cause.

Watch this video to learn more about the BIGG Student Challenge or look at these examples:

What We Provide

What do you need to make your project amazing? A plane? A celebrity? Props? Access to specific locations ? Contacts? Money? We'll jump through hoops to help you get the things you need to help others.


  1. Applications accepted through April 7, 2014. Apply now.
  2. Finalists announced April 20, 2014.
  3. Projects must be completed by May 31, 2014.
  4. Screening party July 18, 2014.

Application for BIGG Grant

Please include as many details as possible.

Where will this be taking place?

Who will your BIGG benefit?

If you require funding, please provide the amount needed. No dollar sign is needed.

Please provide any additional resources you may require.